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Let's Talk About a Great Night's Sleep...on Vacation

We all know what it feels like to get that ahhhhh sensation when you sink into a cool, crisp, just-the-right-amount-of-firmness bed with fresh white, ultra soft sheets, pull up that cushy, cozy down comforter, covered with a soft blanket with the right amount of heft, and settle your head into your choice of down, down alternative, or memory foam pillows?

Yeah, that feeling.

That was the inspiration behind the beds at Twisted Willow Lodge. The goal was to create a sleeping experience that wraps you in a sensation of peacefulness personified; to give you that "luxury hotel bed" experience.

Here is the formula- we started with a solid base, something that would make a design statement in its simplicity, and yet be substantial enough to give you a sense of support.

We partnered with two great bed makers to bring custom platform-style beds to the party.

The first two beds came from Gerarden Fabrication & Design, a company I had the fortuitous pleasure of finding on Etsy. Read about my experience with Codey from Gerarden in a future post. Spoiler alert: he's the BEST!

The King bed design in the Main Floor Master and the Queen bed in the Upstairs Loft are custom collaborations between Codey and myself. We started with some sketches, going back and forth a bit until we were 100% on the same page. The result was exactly what I envisioned, with heavy raw steel, fire forged to a blackened hue and beautiful cedar running through the sides. They are sturdy and built-for-purpose and the perfect base for the next layer- the mattress.

King Bed in Main Floor Master

Queen bed in Upstairs Loft Area

When I tell you I personally tried out 25 mattresses and read 1000 reviews before deciding on the winners, I am not exaggerating. The mattresses selected for both Master King beds are a "firmer" model, with euro top stitching, extra edge support and long lasting traditional construction. The Queen bed in the loft is a "medium" firm of the same model.

Our inspiration- this one's juuuuuust right!

The TwinXL Mattresses are a mixture of firm and medium, 2 of each. These are adult-ready beds with all the comfort layers of the other beds!

On top of each mattress is a comfort layer of down alternative or memory foam goodness, depending on the bed.

The sheets are Comphy brand, whose slogan is "Developed for Spa. Designed for Ah."

They are literally so soft. Heavy enough for you to feel them, but light enough not to weigh you down. I tried samples from Brooklinen and Boll & Branch and while they were nice, Comphy won all my blind "feel" tests, hands down. (My friends, aka, design consultants, really enjoyed the obsession I had around this topic, let me tell you!)

On top of the sheets, we have a duvet (alternative down) and duvet cover.

For pillows, we went all out with some real goose down pillows and alternative down (also from Comphy) and some memory foam for you to select what works best for you. All are varying in firmness from soft to hard. So, take it from me, there are plenty to go around, (for those of us who prefer to sleep with pillows tucked in here and there) and several different types to choose from!

We threw in some fun decorative pillows for color and texture variances. The pillows came from all over- Turkey, Morocco, different parts of the US. All were hand-picked to follow the comfort theme. There are sturdy and super warm throw blankets from Mexico, a special one-of-a-kind knitted patchwork blanket from Ireland, an old heavy Army blanket with an extra-loved patch and other favorite textiles that will have you wanting to snuggle with them all- I simply love how all the beds turned out!

Finally, not to be left out, the downstairs Master King bed design came from a happy surprise "tree sighting" from Southwest Log and Timberworks out of Fort Worth, Texas. I went searching for reclaimed wood or some kind of mounted headboard that my friend Nicole envisioned.

Main Floor King Headboard made out of cedar, lights added. Perfect for reading.

I found not only the exact headboard that I would use for the Main Floor Master, but I also found an old tree. The tree was then used to create a "one-of-a-kind wall-mounted art piece/lighted headboard-type design component," plus the foundation of the bed itself, and a spectacular standing art piece in the game room.

When I fell in love with this tree, it was a very large old dirty stumpy thing sitting by itself in the corner of the eyes drifted to it..."what's that...?"

Tree "art" installation in the Game Room

Downstairs Master King- the very talented artists at Southwest Log and Timberworks created the headboard/art piece and the bed platform from the same tree by taking slices off the back.

In addition to the comfort of the beds and the linens, your bedtime routine is fully supported with ample lighting and power options so that Everything that needs to recharge, can.

Rest easy and well! Here's to you finding your Ahhhhhh!

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